07. 10. 2021

Another coveted award for Elan - Engineering & Development Team of the Year 2021

Elan down

Congratulations! Elan has the best engineering & development team of 2021. The company won the most votes for the world’s first folding ski – the Elan Voyager – and the Elan GT6 46-foot sailboat.

»We are truly proud of the Engineering & Development Team of the Year 2021 award. The realization of highly successful projects such as the Voyager folding ski or the prestigious GT6 sailboat required us to combine the knowledge and innovation of Elan’s cutting edge development departments and the technology teams working in production. All of our know-how is built on the tradition and experience of all the generations that worked at Elan before us, so this award is theirs as well. The work of engineers is never complete so we are looking forward to upcoming challenges and we firmly believe that this award will motivate us to work on developing new success stories in the future,” added Vinko Avguštin, Head of Design at WSD. At this opportunity, we also wish to thank the Finance newspaper that seeks out stories of success in development and brings them to the wider public.
At Elan we always place the user at the center of our thought process and we constantly work on finding ways to improve the user experience. This approach intertwines with the vision of our brand at all levels of the organization, from early concepts to products and onwards to new projects. “All departments and services share the same goal and every person in the organization contributes to the best of their abilities to new solutions. It is then up to the engineering and development teams to bring breakthrough ideas and concepts to life in the form of a finished product. All areas of our company also share a healthy ambition for global success and a team oriented approach that often calls for new knowledge, as yet unknown solutions and working methods. These challenges keep us moving forward, enrich our corporate culture and raise our level ever higher. Sincere congratulations to all members of Elan’s engineering and development teams. You have well and truly earned this award and we are very proud of you,” added mag. Leon Korošec.

Engineering & Development Team of the Year 2021

Photo: Aleš Beno / Finance


The best engineering & development team of the year is selected by votes cast by representatives of companies that have participated in earlier editions of the Factory of the Year award. There are currently 37 participating companies, including those participating in the 2021 award.
Elan is one of the most recognizable and global Slovenian brands with a tradition spanning over 75 years. The company has received over 300 international awards for its innovations and achievements. Just this year, Elan received the following awards: Engineering & Development team of the year 2021; the most prestigious award SOF SOF-A at the 30th Slovenian Advertising Festival for Elan Voyager – the world’s first functional folding ski; the Gold Award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gorenjska and the Superbrands Award; Red Dot award for the Elan – Voyager – »Best of the best« and the Elan GT6 sailboat; the coveted Plus X Award, Product of the Year for the Elan Voyager; Brand of the Year. 
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