07. 04. 2022

Elan has planted one thousand trees and will continue to care for them in the future

Elan down

At Elan, inspiring a sustainable and active lifestyle is not just a strategic guideline, it is a business philosophy that has been embedded in the company's development since 1945. Our rich history of development and manufacturing is based on continuous innovation and with each new generation of products the company also strives to improve the sustainability footprint of its products. This time Elan has made a new commitment to the community by accepting the responsibility of caring for a part of the local forest of the Poljče Agrarian Community, where it has planted 1,000 trees.  

“I am extremely happy and proud that we have planted a thousand trees together with many of Elan’s employees in the vicinity. Now it is crucial that we take care of them for the next five years,” said Leon Korošec, Group Vice President and Director of Elan's Winter Division.

Elan employees planted 1000 trees

Andrej Avsenek, Head of the Forestry Institute’s Bled Regional Unit, also welcomed the campaign with enthusiasm: “We support the fact that Elan has recognised the importance of taking care of the forest, investing in it and nurturing it. By planting trees and taking care of them, they have shown that they are very much aware of the importance of cooperation and coexistence with nature.” The project was made possible by the Poljče Agrarian Community that made the land available and prepared it for planting. The project is a collaboration with the local community because partnerships within the local environment are essential.

Mr. Avsenek also calls on as many companies as possible to realize the importance of forest sustainability and to join in the support for similar actions, as Elan did.  He would like to see individuals, companies and organizations invest as much as possible in nature and forests and thus help preserve and restore them, as they are one of the most important natural assets.

Leon Korošec and Andrej Avsenek

Elan is constantly involved in environmental activities and is aware of the need for sustainable operation. This year, the company begun construction of a solar power plant that is set to become operational in the second half of this year. 

In an effort to improve the sustainability footprint of its operations, Elan is presenting its steps to sustainable business through a stand-alone communication portal called Sustainable by nature ( Elan's commitment to sustainable operation will thus become part of a communication platform through which Elan will communicate its commitment to nature, society and a sustainable business model to its customers.  

Melanja Korošec, Elan Brand Director: “The fact that Elan skis are handmade in the heart of the Alps is a source of pride and privilege for us, but at the same time a claim that we take with complete responsibility. Nature is a primary source of inspiration for the people working at Elan and it is important that we protect our  inspiration as it fuels the innovations that we are famous for. This is true both in the formative stages of our products and in the relationships we build with our customers, business partners and employees. We are a brand with a global presence and it is our ambition to act as an ambassador of sustainable values for our employees, customers and wider society.”