05. 12. 2023

Elan is once again reaching for victories in ski cross.

Elan down

The Elan Company, which has been manufacturing skis at the foot of the Slovenian Alps for almost 80 years, enthusiastically starts the new season of the 2024 Ski Cross World Cup. The season will kick off with the first competitions on December 7th and 8th in Val Thorens, France. A total of 19 races will take place in eight different countries, with the final race and the presentation of the crystal globe scheduled in Idre Fjäll, Sweden.

In the 2024 season, over 30 athletes from Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Sweden, France, Italy, Chile, and the Czech Republic will compete on Elan skis. Among them, 20 athletes will compete for podium positions in the World Cup races.

"At Elan, we are very proud to be one of the most respected brands in ski cross," said Blaž Lazar, the head of Elan's racing team. "After another year of experience, training, and knowledge of what it takes to achieve top positions, we can't wait to get back on the slope and see what Elan's large team of athletes can achieve. We have become like a family, and the energy they radiate inspires us every day."

In the previous 2023 season, races took place at eight different venues, and Elan's team secured 10 podium finishes at six locations. The most notable victory was at the World Championship race in Bakuriani, Georgia, where Simone Deromedis claimed 1st place and Erik Mobaerg took 3rd place. Simone Deromedis also achieved an excellent 5th place at the 2022 Winter Olympics. To conclude the World Cup season in a more remarkable way, Brady Leman secured 1st place in the last race in Craigleith, Canada, successfully concluding his sports career.


In the upcoming season, two strong assets, Olympic champion Ryan Regez from Switzerland and the excellent Canadian competitor Brittany Phelan, are returning after recovering from injuries.

Ski cross provides an outstanding adrenaline experience in the world of alpine skiing, where athletes simultaneously compete on challenging courses full of obstacles. Ski cross elements require exceptional skill and precision. Ski cross is a combination of speed, skill, and tactical thinking, creating tense and unpredictable races that are attractive to both competitors and spectators.

You are invited to join us and follow the competitions starting this Thursday, December 7th.

List of Races:

  • Val Thorens (France): December 7, 2023, at 12:00 CET
  • Val Thorens (France): December 8, 2023, at 11:00 CET
  • Arosa (Switzerland): December 12, 2023, at 20:15 CET
  • Innichen (Italy): December 21, 2023, at 11:45 CET
  • Innichen (Italy): December 22, 2023, at 12:00 CET
  • Nakiska (Canada): January 20, 2024, at 20:15 CET
  • Nakiska (Canada): January 21, 2024, at 20:15 CET
  • St. Moritz (Switzerland): January 28, 2024, at 12:15 CET
  • Alleghe (Italy): February 2, 2024, at 11:15 CET
  • Alleghe (Italy): February 3, 2024, at 14:00 CET
  • Bakuriani (Georgia): February 10, 2024, at 8:00 CET
  • Bakuriani (Georgia): February 11, 2024, at 8:00 CET
  • Reiteralm (Austria): February 24, 2024, at 10:30 CET
  • Reiteralm (Austria): February 25, 2024, at 10:30 CET
  • Oberwiesenthal (Germany): March 2, 2024, at 11:00 CET
  • Oberwiesenthal (Germany): March 3, 2024, at 12:30 CET
  • Veysonnaz (Switzerland): March 16, 2024, at 12:30 CET
  • Idre Fjäll (Sweden): March 23, 2024, at 12:30 CET
  • Idre Fjäll (Sweden): March 24, 2024, at 12:30 CET

Most of the races can be watched live on Eurosport 2.