28. 10. 2022

Elan protected young trees on the reforested estate in Begunje

Elan down

At Elan, inspiring a sustainable and active lifestyle is not just a strategic guideline, it is a business philosophy that has been embedded in the company's development since 1945.The human connection to nature is fundamental, unique and so long-lasting that we feel it is part of our own DNA. This deep connection has played a decisive role in mankind’s ability to adapt to conditions and develop its innovative potential. For those of us who have always lived close to winter, ingenuity and innovation have been a way of life and sustainable progress. Elan is deeply intertwined with local community and local partnership are enabling us to take care of our nature.

Degraded forest grounds in spring 2022 when 1000 young trees were planted

In spring Elan has made a new commitment to the community by accepting the responsibility of caring for a part of the degraded local forest of the Poljče Agrarian Community, where it has planted 1,000 trees. In order to professionally and sustainably tend for our young forest we have partnered with Slovenian Forest Service, whose guidance is of utmost importance for successful forestation of degraded forest grounds.


We are really very proud of our collaboration with the local community and the results of joint work are fantastic, more than 85% of young trees planted in spring has, despite extremely dry summer, successfully adapted to the soil and rooted, “explains Anita Jerala Peterman, Head of purchases Elan winter division, and project coordinator.


In autumn seedlings and young trees must be protected against wildlife, especially deer, damage. Yesterday, under the mentorship of Mrs. Lucija Odar from Slovenian Forest Service, a team of Elan employees has coated tops of young trees with “flint water”, a natural deterrent for deer.

Next steep in taking care of our forest will be in early summer, when we will clear the invasive underbrush which inhibits the growth of young trees.