01. 03. 2022

Wearing a helmet while skiing enhances relaxation, pleasure, and sense of safety

Elan down
Head should be protected while skiing

When skiing, the sense of safety is important and the safer we feel, the greater the pleasure on the snow. Using a helmet can contribute to this sense of safety and increase happiness on the hill. 

Winter's white cover makes it a magical season. The sight of snow-capped mountain peaks makes all skier's eyes light up. At that moment they feel an unstoppable desire to become one with their skis and enjoy the speed and sensation of the primal pleasure that is skiing. Yet it becomes clear that happiness, satisfaction, and relaxation can become even greater when skiers feel safe.
The love for skiing and the need to prevent injuries gave rise to the development and use of protective helmets. When applied to skiers, the use of helmets makes sure they are protected and ensures the safety of other slope users as well. The same applies to equipment manufacturers, who understand their important role in enhancing awareness among skiers, namely that despite the pleasures afforded by zigzagging down snowy slopes, safety is a key concern and should always remain a priority.
According to Swedish neurologist Per Hamid Ghatan, who is largely responsible for helping pass legislation whereby children under 14 years of age are obligated to wear protective helmets in most European ski resorts. "The use of a helmet reduces the risk of serious head injuries in any gravitational sport by eighty to ninety per cent" say Ghatan.
It’s reassuring to ski with the feeling that your head is protected while also remaining warm. The head is an immeasurable treasure, a mosaic of all the wonderful memories we experience while skiing with friends and family, that makes it worth protecting.