Super Ski Crossers

Elan’s bright racing green has become a mainstay in the world of ski cross. Our international team has members from around the world. There are Canadians Kevin Drury, Mathieu Leduc, Brady Leman, Dave Duncan, Ian Deans, Kelsey Serwa, Brittany Phelan and Georgia Simmerling, Russians Semen Danshchikov, Egor Korotkov, Sergei Ridzik and Anastasiia Chirtcova; Italian Marco Tomasi, Swedes Eric Mobarg, David Mobarg and Viktor Sticko; Franchmen Terence Tchiknavorian and Sebastian Lepage; Slovenians Filip Flisar and Blaž Ogorelc, Czech Nikol Kucerova and Swiss Ryan Regez. Over the past season members of the Elan team have stood on the podium eleven times, four of those times on the highest step. As a team, they’ve earned fiftly placements among the top ten. Brand Leman and Filip Flisar were the most successful racers of the season, coming in second and fourth overall, respectively.