18. 10. 2022

Elan supports young skiers

Elan down
Always Good Times

Elan envisions an all inclusive world for all to enjoy the health and happiness the sport of skiing brings to skiers. Elan celebrates the legends, welcomes the newbies and encourages progress among all ages and levels. From pioneering shapes, to state-of-the art technologies, to the most innovative product of last decades – Elan Voyager – the first all mountain folding ski in the world; Elan is constantly innovating ski designs to enhance performance, and thus participation, for all skiers.
The next generation is the youth and Elan recognizes the importance of access to the sport and how it enables children to become avid skiers. For over ten years, Elan is supporting local ski schools with donations of products.  In regions where touring and backcountry skiing is a way of life, Elan is donating also touring ski set ups to support a healthy lifestyle. “Skiing is the best outdoor activity friends & families can do together, regardless of their skiing ability. With that in mind, we are proud to support also primary schools who are putting extra effort in ski education, and organizing programs for the kids,” said Global Brand Director Melanja Korošec.
In addition to providing gear donations to the children, Elan finds equal purpose in supporting athletes, as well as instructors and mountaineering guides who are mentoring the youth to get outside, learn skiing and hone in on their touring skill set. At the very baseline, Elan will continue its dedication to deliver better products, with which we are enabling faster progress, more turns, and more good times.The investment in youth is an investment in the future of our sport,” said Korošec. “We value the pivotal touchpoints of a skier’s journey and aim to create the best products as well as support for the ultimate skiing experience to create lifelong skiers.”